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PROJECTSThe “World of Wine (WOW)” Museums

Museus The World of Wine (WOW) (5)

The “World of Wine” was born by converting a set of warehouses located in the historic center of Vila Nova de Gaia, originally intended for storage and bottling of Port Wine, into a set of multifunction areas that make up the WOW cultural quarter.
It is made by 7 themed museums (“Porto Region Across the Ages”; “The Wine Experience”; “Planeta Cork”; “The Chocolate Story”; “The Bridge Collection”; “Pink Palace”; “Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum”), 12 restaurants, a wine school, shops with artisanal and artistic products, parking and new public spaces.

The Fladgate Partnership - Vinhos, S.A.
Vila Nova de Gaia
Commerce & Services

Enginnering Construction design for electrical and interior architecture design for a total area of ​​9,000 sq. meters within the Wine Museum – “The Wine Experience”.
In this project, engineering and interior architecture support was provided to the main design team, for its proper execution.

Projects for new WOW complex museum
Intervention area
9.000 sq. meters