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PROJEcTSRehabilitation of the roadway access Pumangol

Reabilitação estrada acesso Pumangol (1)

Engineering Construction design for the rehabilitation of the access to Pumangol facilities, including structural design, surface modeling, geometry design, sections and profiles, pavement, road signs and roadway safety, stormwater drainage, allowing for an easy access of vehicles to the logistics base which was installed in Luanda, with a total length of 1,200 meters.

Luanda, Angola
Reabilitação estrada acesso Pumangol (2)

The project aimed at building a well-defined and easy-to-read corridor, ordering the intense traffic which circulated the previous unpaved street. The pavement was designed conservatively, ensuring the longevity of access (traffic of heavy vehicles).
Particular attention was paid to the proper integration of the corridor with its surroundings, avoiding demolitions, as much as possible.

Roadway rehabilitation to access Pumangol
Intervention area
10.000 sq. meters
Reabilitação estrada acesso Pumangol (3)