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PROJEcTSRequalification and landscape valorization of the KM. 0 of the National Road “EN2”

Estrada Nacional 2

Participation and 1st place in a Concept Contest with an intervention proposal for the requalification and landscape enhancement of the area surrounding the KM. 0 mark of the National Road “EN2”, reinforcing the iconic character of the place.

Infrastructure and Public Space
Estrada Nacional 2

Intervention proposal promoting an alternative public space design, namelya new dynamic in the area, resolving the existing conflict between traffic flow and the touristic ornament placed in the center of the roundabout. The proposal aimed at promoting pedestrian safety through the removal of the ornament from the center of the roundabout into a newly created visiting area, and to create conditions for the landscape valorization of the area, through a newly street design. A new sculptural element to be placed on the roundabout was proposed, related to the landmark, making the place immediately recognizable, whereas the existing N2 ornament would be relocated to the northeast sidewalk, with its area being significantly increased.

Public space design
Intervention area
2.040 sq. meters
Estrada Nacional 2