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PROJECTSTactical Urbanism

Urbanismo Tático

Engineering Construction design of tactical urbanism in several streets in the municipality of Valongo, including pavement, road signs and roadway safety, pavement painting, urban furniture and landscaping for a total area of approximately 33,000 sq. meters.

Infrastructure and Public Space
Urbanismo Tático (5)

This tactical urbanism project consisted of implementing temporary interventions to enhance and promote the usage of public space by reconfiguring the street design, enhancing the available public space for the promoting leisure activities, reducing the available space for motorized vehicles circulation and street parking. To this end, structures are placed occupying part of the public road or parking spaces (parklets and urban furniture), creating spaces for leisure and conviviality.

Tactical Urbanism interventions
Intervention area
33.000 sq. meters
Urbanismo Tático (1)