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PROJECTSUrban Park – Alternative roadway to the National Road “EN10” in Fogueteiro

Variante à N10 no Fogueteiro - Parque Urbano

Projects for preliminary study and licensing of Landscape Architecture for the construction of and Urban Park in Fogueteiro, Seixal, with an intervention area of 22.750 sq. meters.

Seixal Municipality
Variante à N10 no Fogueteiro - Parque Urbano (2)

The main goal of this project is to clean the existing water line, the Judeu River, integrating it into the urban park to be built on its south bank, which will be frameworked in the new alternative roadway of the National Road “EN10” in Fogueteiro. The proposal focused on the preservation of the existing riverside vegetation (non-invasive), balanced with the planting of new specimens that suit the location. New pathsways linking the park with pedestrian crossings along the bypass are proposed, as well as the installation of urban furniture, fitness equipments and a children’s playground with an area of over 550m sq. meters.

Construction of Urban Park
Intervention area
22.750 sq. meters
Variante à N10 no Fogueteiro - Parque Urbano