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PROJEcTSAvioso Residential Home

Lar Avioso (6)

Projects for Preliminary Study, Licensing and Architecture and Engineering Construction design for a Residential Home to adress citizens with mental illness, in Maia, with an intervention area with 1,431 sq. meters, divided into 3 storeys, one of which is a basement.

Avioso, Maia
Public Facilities & Institutions

The Residential Home has as premisses: to improve the quality of life of future residents; to promote their self-esteem, personal autonomy and daily life activities; to facilitate their integration into other structures, services or establishments and promote their interaction with the family and the community.
Regarding the internal functional organization, it is based on the specific legislation, hand in hand with the current needs of Maia’s APPACDM, with particular emphasis on infrastructures that guarantee the constant training and skill updating of the Association’s professionals.

Building of a Residential Home
Intervention area
1.400 sq. meters
Lar Avioso (4)