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PROJECTSLogistics Warehouse

centro de logística (2)

Licensing, Architecture and Engineering Construction design for the construction of a new Logistics Warehouse, in Vila Franca de Xira, along the National Road “EN 1”.
This project encompassed the construction of a new logistics center from scratch, but also the possibility of its expansion placed on a strategic location, favoring the efficiency of the logistics chain.

Vila Franca de Xira, Lisboa
centro de logística (6)
centro de logística (3)

Challenging project, mainly due to its considerable size, complexity, but also to the coordination with outsourced teams.
In this particular case, and since the National Road EN 1 has a high heavy vehicles daily traffic volume, a dedicated lane for lefthand turn and exit, and entry lanes for righthand turn were required, thus involving the licensing and approval of the project by the national authority “Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA”.

Construction of a logistics center
Gatengel / Scale Numbers
Intervention area
49.000 sq. meters