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PROJEcTSWinemaking Center And Accomodation

Centro de vinificação e alojamento (4)

Architecture and Engineering design for the expansion of a Winemaking Center, added by the construction of a housing building for workers, in São Martinho de Anta, Sabrosa, with a summed construction area of ​​approximately 4,000 sq. meters.

Industry; Commerce & Services

The Winemaking Center expansion project sought to maintain and recover the industrial style of the original building, preserving its own identity and characteristics of the construction period. The concrete structure is maintained as the main element of its façade, providing the feeling of an industrial acropolis on the site.
The accommodation building, on the contrary, sought to have a minimum impact and prominence in the overall project, ensured by a full integration next to the vineyards landscape.

Winemaking Center, Tasting Room, Laboratory, Canteen and Accommodation
Intervention area
4.000 sq. meters
Centro de vinificação e alojamento (2)